I recently saw this App for your Android, Iphone or Windows Mobile Phone which looks really useful. Essentially ScanBizCards scans business cards and then adds them to your Phone and Outlook contacts.

I haven't tried it yet but it looks great - a real time saver. Features include -
  • Instantly scan any business card using your phone and using specialist Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software
  • It will read and then add your business cards to either your phone contacts or Outlook
  • If you have a lot of business cards you can submit them directly to the ScanBizCards for scanning in one batch - turn around is approxiately one hour and each card costs $0.18
  • If your business card does not scan properly you can request a manual transcription
  • You can even export your business card contacts directly to Excel or Salesforce Customer Relationship management (CRM) software