We're about to enter the last week of our screen break suggestions competition, and there have been some fantastic responses so far. Here are a few of our favourites (the overall winner will be announced at the beginning of October).

"My normal break involves grabbing a toy and playing with the dogs. The great thing about animals is they live in the present so if I'm worrying about the past or future they bring a balance to the situation."
E. Smith

"Visualize riding my horse along the California coastline with the spray of the water all around me and moistening my face and the wind blowing my hair and my horses tail and mane"
S. Langton

"Make origami models (.e.g the football shirt here) and stick them on the front of folded blank card to use as birthday cards,  Great fun and saves you a fortune!"
H. Rea

"Rapping about colleagues throughout the office usually does the trick, gets everyone involved!"
J.N. Nicolson-Gray

"I play with my pet tortoise! He loves to plod around the garden hunting for hidden treats."
N. White

"I take my 'photo of the day'. If it's nice, I pop outside and try and get a photo of a flower or an interesting abstract of an office building. If it's pouring down with rain, I get creative with office stationery and spell out words with objects or do abstract 'can you guess what it is yet?' close-ups. It's very therapeutic and it gives me a visual diary of my work year."
F. Light-Wilson

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