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How My Leaking Washing Machine Created A Business Opportunity

I arrived home last Friday night looking forward to the weekend after a particularly hard and stressful week. I walked into the kitchen to find water all over the floor, once over the initial shock, my first thought was we must have a burst pipe however upon further investigation the problem was the washing machine. It had stopped working and for some strange reason decided to deposit all the water over my newly tiled floor. I looked at the flashing fault code on the machine, referred to my manual and this suggested a faulty pump. I soon realised the repair was beyond my capability and decided to contact the repair man who last called out to us a few years ago. 

The difficulty we then faced was neither me nor my wife could remember the name of the company we had previously used. We spent the next 30 minutes looking on the internet and trying to jog each others memories but to no avail.

In the end we just rang another company who we found on the internet. They came out on Saturday, replaced a seal in the pump and left my washing machine fully operational, all in all a good job at a very reasonable rate.

Business Cards: How They Generate Repeat Business

In my view it is essential that all businesses ensure customers come back time after time.

At this point I realised how my business Betterprint could help this situation, Betterprint produce high quality Business Cards on thick 400gsm board and also in a Label format. Had the original repair company either given me a Business Card, or placed a contact Label in a discrete but easily visible place on the appliance, then we would have his company name and number.

Repeat business comes from building up trust and offering reliability over a period of time. I am not trying to say buying products from my business will change this, but it can help to ensure when an emergency like the one that happened to me occurs, your business name and contact details are readily available, which should help with your retention and repeat business.

Betterprint - Business Card & Stationary

Quality Business Cards Available With My Blog Promotional Discount. offers innovative and contemporary designs ready for complete customisation to make a truly unique look and feel. Business Cards, Labels and Matching Stationery with thousands of designs to choose from make Betterprint one of the best sites for these products on the net today.

You can search our Styles or Professions and you will find we cater for all types of industries including many in the home services arena.

You should consider making your Business Cards and Matching Stationery help you stand out from the crowd, a couple of very simple tips are:

•        Only buy 400gsm thick cards, they will have an immediate impact as they feel so much thicker than most cards available on the Internet and will leave a great first impression on your customers.

•        Don't settle for average or low quality designs: Choose a print partner who can offer quality innovative designs. Couple this with a super thick card and you will end up with not just a Business Card, but a genuine marketing tool that will help your business thrive.

If after reading this blog you want to buy from my company then mail me at quoting "home services blog" and in return I will send you a Promo Code worth 25% discount. Also if you buy more than one product our site will give you a further Matching Product Discount of 20% on those additional products.

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