At Betterprint we offer the very best in quality Business Cards available anywhere on the net, as standard they come printed on 400gsm thick silk art board.

If they are so good why should you increase the cost and have them Laminated?

The answer is one of simple choice, but you may wish to consider what the advantages are:

Firstly even the very best raw material used in Business Card manufacture will never quite feel as good as a product that has been laminated.
Whether to opt for Gloss or Matt lamination is again a personal choice although in my opinion Matt offers the classier look and feel, My own Business cards are printed on 400gsm silk then Matt laminated to provide me with the best possible product, after all if my cards are not impressive we would be in trouble.

There is also a technical reason why Lamination will improve your cards as they provide a layer of protection over the ink that has been printed onto the cards and this way scratching and marking is almost eradicated when the card is in normal use. I am sure you have witnessed some cards that scratch and mark easily and in reality the only way to fully protect them is to have them Laminated. I would almost always advise that if your card design has a large covering of ink on it then Lamination is worth paying the extra, it doesn't cost a fortune and will truly enhance your overall product. Visit Betterprint and see the difference a laminated business card will make to your company.

Don't forget the card will always start its life as white and so when you see a solid black card with white writing it has probably about 95% ink coverage to make this look, it is a miss conception that the colour white is printed.

If you think about it, when you present your cards to a prospective customer it is important that your message of quality is re-enforced by your Business Cards.  This is why I would recommend the use of Lamination, I know it will help with the overall positive impact of your image on your clients.

So before you shop around for the cheapest possible source of Business Cards think about:

Quality: Giving a low grade cheap and flimsy card out will have a detrimental effect on how you and your business are perceived.

Feel: Lamination either in Matt or Gloss will provide the very best feel you can buy and protect your cards making them last longer.

The internet offers a lot of choice, so also apply the following simple rules to ensure you get the best possible end product:

Only buy from a UK company.

Only buy cards that are 400gsm thick.

If you follow these simple rules you will not go far wrong and assuming you have a decent design or you choose a pre-templated design that you customise online the product that you receive hopefully should be impressive.

Take a look at who can fulfil all the above requirements and have thousands of designs to choose from.

Let me know if you like them.