The internet has brought about a social media interface, which over the last few years has exploded into our lives and comes in many guises. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn offer a simple way to communicate with friends, business contacts and potential customers online. Particularly since the advent of the business-specific site LinkedIn, social media is becoming more and more important to UK businesses as both a marketing and customer service tool.

It is widely thought that social computing will gradually impact every company and every role all over the world, but this does not mean that social interaction will become solely restricted to the internet. Clearly we have been interacting with each other in many forms since year dot; one new way is through social media cards.

These social media cards help improve your status amongst business peers, and can become an easy talking point when meeting new people, not to mention the fact they carry any details you wish to give out. Handing out great looking social media cards alongside your standard business card drastically increases the likelihood that new business contacts will get in touch - it's just so easy using social media!

Have a look at the design selection available at on and let me know what you think. Alternatively, let me know what your thoughts are on the social media card phenomenon.