After a month of collecting your super hero and super villain ideas, we've compiled our top five entries. One of these entries will win a £25 Amazon gift voucher and we'll design a business card for that person's super hero.

#17 Rachel @ Jul 30, 2012
Brain-gain - Gives others some of his own infinite intellect so that they can solve their own problems and save themselves from danger! Therefore, unlike traditional superheroes he only needs to help each person once and can help lots of people at one time!

#24 Liam Stephens @ Jul 25, 2012
Carbon neutral man!! he inhales pollutants and farts out fresh air, his number twos are pellets of carbon. Thus he reverses climate change which causes Al gore to disappear for good.

#33 Malvina B @ Jul 20, 2012
The Bookaholic - defeats enemies by imagination and attacks with knowledge by turning one stupid. Gains super powers and recharges by reading.

#38 Carolyn Joyce @ Jul 19, 2012
He would be Harry Melman by day who works as a garbage man, but he can transform himself into "Enviroman" who uses superpowers such as fire , water , wind and strength to fight corrupt companies and organizations who are ruining the planet through pollution and greed.

#46 Deborah Willis @ Jul 18, 2012
Psychosis; A super villain who instead of being able to read other peoples thoughts, he can project his own into their minds, leaving them convinced to follow him as their master, ultimately brainwashed to do his bidding as he plots to take over the world.