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When Will This Recession End?

By DNB @ Sep 10, 2010 in Business Image and Branding

In June 2008 I was on holiday in America. We visited San Francisco, Los Angeles and a few other places in between; as a UK businessman I am always interested in global economies, especially one so inextricably linked to us as the US. My overriding impression from the visit was that they are in...

Social Media Cards, Why Do You Need Them?

By DNB @ Sep 8, 2010 in Social Media Cards Networking

The internet has brought about a social media interface, which over the last few years has exploded into our lives and comes in many guises. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn offer a simple way to communicate with friends, business contacts and potential customers online....

Are You Owed Money For A Home Service?

By DNB @ Sep 6, 2010 in Business Image and Branding

Are you getting paid promptly? Here is some information on how to improve you cash flow and cut down the stress surrounding trying to get money for work that you have done. This will help gardeners, window cleaners, odd job men, small builders and applies to anyone who does regular work and may...

Successful Self-Employment - Custom Business Cards

By DNB @ Sep 2, 2010 in Self Employment

Redundancy can be devastating for many people; however, once you are over the initial shock, you may find it acts as a spring board to a better way of life for you and your family. The number of professionals without a job has nearly doubled since 2008, so the competition out there for...

Networking At The Gym

By DNB @ Sep 1, 2010 in Networking

It may sound like an obvious question! But there are more reasons than you may think. Let me tell you my story. After changing jobs and moving house at the same time (not to be advised) to a completely different area I found I had a lot of time on my hands and very few friends in the...

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