We all know Business cards are great for promoting your business card but how about having your own "edible" business cards?

According to the Scottish Sun Boyd Tunnock, owner of Scottish confectioners Tunnocks Biscuits, revealed he uses his famous Caramel Logs as business cards.

Boyd admitted: "I always carry a packet of Caramel Logs in my pocket. It's like my business card. It means any time I meet someone I can offer them one of our biscuits — it's a good conversation starter. It goes down well.”

Boyd said: "I took a pack out my pocket when I met the Duke of Edinburgh and handed them to him. He seemed very pleased."

While you probably don't sell an edible product there's still nothing to stop you offering special offers, products and services on the back of your business cards. Betterprint offer double sided business cards - so how about putting 20% off your customers first or next order on the back? Or maybe even giving your customers a free product or service when they present your business card.

There's nothing to stop you working in conjunction with other businesses in your local  area to offer diffierent incentives on the back of your business cards. To be honest the possibilities are endless.