With their tidy dimensions (small but perfectly formed) and the durability to survive being crushed in your wallet/back pocket/ bottomless pit of a handbag, the properties unique to a business card mean they have more uses than you could possibly imagine! To get your creative juices flowing, we've come up with a hit list of our favourites:

(Obviously, we would only advocate the use of old business cards; save your brand new ones for attracting all those new clients!)

  • Use photo image or pretty cards as perfectly scaled works of art for a doll's house.
  • Students: jazz up a dull room with business card wallpaper, (like beer mat wallpaper but better for your liver!)
  • A classic solution for a wobbly table, dodgy chair or slanting shelf.
  • Use a wedge of business cards as a convenient doorstop.
  • Stick your mate's business card in a phone box and laugh when he starts fielding strange phone calls.
  • Annoyed by only ever having odd earrings in your jewellery box? Pierce redundant cards with tiny holes and use them to keep earrings in matching pairs.
  • Old business cards are perfectly proportioned for de-gunging tiny cracks and crevices around the home or in the car: I'm thinking round the edges of tiles or down those annoying little bumps and bevels all cars seem to have on their dashboard.
  • Post-it-notes; just without the sticking ability!
  • Give them to your hamster to gnaw to keep his teeth in trim.
  • In your wallet or cardholder, so when you whip it out during high profile networking events you look like you have loads of contacts.
  • Likewise, find a few business cards someone has long since abandoned and save them to give to those people you meet but never want to see again!
  • Recycle them and bask in feeling virtuous.
  • Keep the workplace entertained by organising a business card top trumps tournament!
  • Indulge your inner child and use them to flick paper balls across the office. Go on, you know you want to!

Any other wacky uses for the diminutive but heroic business card? Please let us know.