You may associate business cards with the traditional image of an experienced and hardworking businessman. However, in recent years this image has evolved and the new 'face' of  the business card is becoming harder to distinguish. Part of this evolution is the rise of the 'young entrepreneur', a figure that has emerged due to mediums such as social media, gaming and celebrity. It is no longer strange to see teenagers and twenty-something's with businesses cards - they are CEO's of their own companies and make millions in the process.

But should you be nurturing a young business mind, or flagging the signs of greed and obsession?

The Social Network: A Young Business Generation

With the pressures of exams and university fees, it is understandable why so many young people try to start their own businesses. Images of rich celebrities crowd the media, and it is no surprise that teenagers are inspired to emulate their success. Teen icons such as Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are showing the world that you can build an empire before your18th birthday.

Mark Zuckerberg:

As co-founder of Facebook, Zuckerberg became the world's youngest billionaire at just 24. Yet, his rise to the top was faced with controversy, law suits and even an unfavourable film portrayal.

Andrew Gower:

With his brother, Cambridge graduate Andrew Gower formed Jagex Ltd throughout his teenage years. Since then, he has developed the famous online game 'Runescape', and is worth an estimated £138,000,000.

Katie Price:

It can be argued that Katie Price (AKA Jordan), is nothing more than a glamour model. Yet, by the age of 30, Price's talent for selling absolutely everything had made her an estimated £35,000,000.

Is all this success a false dream? Many people worry that this pressure is too much too soon. However, with many graduates still out of work, setting up a new business is becoming the new way to take control. Projects such as 'Young Enterprise' are building on this idea, and give young people the support they need to set up a steady and successful business.

Business Cards: Build A Business

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