Have You considered The Impact of The Royal Wedding on Your Business?

Let me say from the beginning - I am a big supporter of the Royal Family and  how their work impacts our economy in a beneficial manner.

But, as the Managing Director of a manufacturing business, and one still recovering from the worst recession this Country has seen in decades. I have to say I am extremely disappointed at the announcement that Prince William and Kate Middleton will tie the knot on the 29th April next year.

The Royal Wedding Date: Why is it Bad For Business?

Well it's simple. April 22nd is Good Friday and the 25th is Easter Monday - so two Bank Holidays, meaning the week ending the 22nd is a 4 day working week.  The Royal Wedding announcement means that the following week is shortened to a 3 day working week, and the next week we have May Day Bank Holiday, meaning that week is also only 4 working days.

Of course this might be good news for school children or even employees, but it is not good for many businesses. I don't mind the fact that the one off event is to be a holiday, but why can't it be scheduled better for business? There are no Bank Holidays in June or July, so why not have it in those months? This way everyone gets to have the day off and can help celebrate the Royal Wedding day, and it will be easier for a business to cope with the extra burden.

Now I know that some businesses will benefit from the extra day off such as pubs etc, but they would still have the benefit in June or July.

I can honestly say I already know April can be written off with all these Bank Holidays, and I do find it difficult to understand how the powers that be have reflected or even considered the negative impact on manufacturing businesses like mine.

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Anyhow if you have read this blog and the Royal Wedding affects you or your business in either a positive or negative way, I would be interested to hear from you.

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