Have you considered promoting your business with the aid of a well designed Label?

Most people don't so why not be a bit different with your approach and use a quality Designed Label to attach to your products when they are given to your customers, it provides an ideal opportunity to get your message across with the knowledge that it has been affixed to a location of your choice and will remain there for constant reminders about your business.

A Label should be bright well printed and have clear informative information without clutter, if you choose the right company and the right product you will enhance your image and soon find out that Labels can be great marketing tools, I am not talking about you sticking them anywhere, but it does not have to just be on your products, I do know certain industries use them in phone booths or other places people spend idol time!

Not that I am advocating fly postering your labels everywhere - but tactical positioning of your name can bring positive impact to your business.

www.betterprint.co.uk have thousand of great Label ideas already designed and awaiting customising, innovative and contemporary designs are standard with Betterprint who also offer the whole range of Matching Stationery Products.

These are not normal labels, they are highly effective marketing tools that help promote you to your target audience time after time - it's that simple!
Also available to help improve even further the look and feel are special finishing options such as Matt or Gloss Lamination and Rounded Corners, they come in a standard size of 88mm x 55mm so plenty of room to get your message across.

Mail me at david@betterprint.co.uk quoting 'Label Blog' and in return I will send you a Promo Code worth 25% discount of all our products including our Labels.

Simply use this Promo Code on the Product Summary Page after the Shopping Basket to obtain your fantastic discount.

Let me know what you think.