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Velvet Lamination from Betterprint

By DNB @ Feb 19, 2014 in Design Business Image and Branding

Betterprint adds that extra finishing touch with Velvet Lamination. Creating the perfect business card to reflect your own identity has been made easier with the addition of another specialist finish. All our Business Cards come printed on 400gsm top quality card and until today we offered...

Betterprint achieves Trustpilot 5 Star Rating

Trustpilot confirms Betterprint as a 5 Star rated supplier. Last week Trustpilot the independent website designed to provide customers a platform to rate online businesses confirmed Betterprint amongst its ranks of 5 Star Suppliers. So whether it's Business Cards or...

A disposable USB drive on your business card?

I've just been looking at technology blog The Next Web and spotted this interesting product. IntelliPaper embeds a USB drive into an everyday piece of card. In the real world that could be your business card, a brochure, or just a small and simple tool for transferring data. The USB...

Hand Made Business Cards by The Awesome Project

By admin @ Sep 6, 2012 in Business Image and Branding

Crafty types the Awesome Project came up with this interesting business card design idea; creating their own stamps for both the front and back of the card allows them to vary the material and colour, keeping things fresh, whilst the design is perfect for their market (and just a little bit...

Use Your Business Stationery To Answer Customer Queries

By DNB @ Sep 4, 2012 in Business Image and Branding

Sick of being asked questions about his most famous film role, Thomas F Wilson (Biff Tannen in the Back to the Future trilogy), hands out business cards with answers to those question asked the most by inquisitive fans. Back To The Future Fans get to discover facts such as " The...

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