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Are QR Codes the Future of Business Cards?

QR codes are the new addition to the modern business card. But how effective are these codes at delivering business, and should your business be taking advantage of this innovative development? What is a QR code? QR (Quick Response) technology enables smart phone users to scan paper-based...

Graduate or Job Seeker? Use Business Cards to Stand Out from the Crowd

At Betterprint, we know business cards are an effective way to connect with people, display skills and offer services.Yet, these benefits aren't exclusive to businesses. In fact, many job seekers and graduates are using business cards to further their careers and generate valuable industry...

Business Cards: Traditional Meets Digital

It has recently been reported by the BBC , that the traditional business card has been overtaken by digital technology. In the article, Bobbie Johnson argues that the digital world has sidelined the business card and made way for "futuristic alternatives". At Betterprint, we know that this just...

Follow Betterprint on Twitter and get 35% off Business Cards & Stationery

We're giving our followers the chance to get 35% off all business cards and stationery order. To enter, all you have to do is follow @Betterprint and we'll send you a voucher code on Twitter that entitles you to 35% off all business cards and stationery on the Betterprint website....

WWF Germany's Anti-printing PDF Campaign Exposes Internal Rifts

By DNB @ Dec 22, 2010 in Environment Online Printing

  The 'save as WWF' campaign launched by WWF Germany this month has not only outraged the print and paper industries but, according to correspondence seen by PrintWeek, has caused a rift within the environmental organisation. An email, allegedly sent by WWF International director of...

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