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Small Business still optmistic over Economy

By DNB @ Nov 7, 2012 in Small Businesses

A recent survey of The Guardian's Small Business Network readers - Small Businesses Optimistic Despite Economic Slowdown - has revealed the many small businesses were much more optmistic about the present economic conditions in the UK with many small business seeing company growth over the past...

Kickstarter now offering UK Projects

Ever heard of Kickstarter? To be honest you may not have, but the web site, which lets users pledge money for products, movies, albums and other projects that can't or don't want to get bank funding, has been running just in the US since 2009. More than 70,000 projects have been pitched on...

Medium Size Businesses Performing Well Despite Economic Downturn

By DNB @ Oct 16, 2012 in Miscellaneous Small Businesses

A recent study by CEBR (The Centre for Economics and Business Research), the accounts and think-tank, has revealed a "forgotten sector” of Medium Sized businesses (MSB's) that has thrived despite the economic downturn, creating over 52,000 jobs in 2011 and contributing a total of £285bn to...

Ringya - Turn Paper Sheets into Digital Lists

By DNB @ Oct 10, 2012 in Networking Small Businesses

If you are an Iphone user who uses their Iphone for both personal and business, it's worth  looking at Ringya - a new Iphone App that lets you take a picture of an entire contact sheet or printed list and then turns it into a digital list which you can then call, text, or email individuals...

Sometimes the Simplest Ideas can Work

We often overestimate the importance of new methods of contacting possible business partners or customers such as LinkeIn and ignore traditional methods of drumming up business and business networking. I saw a perfect example of traditional methods of contacting possible business partners...

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