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VAT Increase: Is Your Business Ready?

By DNB @ Jan 5, 2011 in Small Businesses

How Will The VAT Increase Affect Your Business? Yesterday saw the new VAT regulations come into force.  But are you ready? And what will this mean for your business? My company Betterprint is well prepared for the VAT increase, which took place at 12.00am yesterday morning. All...

Financial advisors: Are you ready?

Mortgage debt falls for 10th quarter in a row Those with mortgages have now been paying off more than they borrow for 30 months, mortgage holders are continuing to pay down their loans, according to the Bank of England's latest quarterly figures. Figures for the third quarter of the...

Business Competition: Hedge Your Bets

By DNB @ Dec 21, 2010 in Small Businesses

Competitive Business - Prices For 2011 As paper price rises continue to wreak havoc in the industry, Helen Morris asks if negotiating a fixed price could pay off in the long term: In the agricultural industries, the whim of nature can distort prices wildly between the very cheap in a bumper...

Business Success - Branding & Marketing

By DNB @ Dec 17, 2010 in Small Businesses

  Business Branding & Marketing If you have a small business, marketing is an essential activity to ensure: •    People know that your product or service exists •    The benefits you offer to your potential customers are clear...

Catch Your Customers: Business Cards For Koi Dealers

By DNB @ Dec 8, 2010 in Small Businesses

A Fishy Tale: How Business Cards Can Help You It's December and my 19 Koi in my unheated pond are at the bottom, motionless, huddled together in lines.   Winter is a depressing time for the Koi keeper - the argument whether to heat, or not to heat the Koi pond, has fuelled many a...

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