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New Businesses: Tax Doesn't Have To Be Taxing

By DNB @ Nov 26, 2010 in Small Businesses

  Business: Understand The Laws of Taxation Do you think as a new business you need to understand the laws of taxation? Many people will say not, that's where your accountant will come in. However my feelings are the opposite: if you want to be in full control of your business it is...

Design Tips For Business Stationery

Business Card Design: New Businesses If you are in business or about to start out in a venture you should understand the importance of how the correct image is portrayed through your business Stationery. Often over looked is the importance of just how much the right look and feel can impact...

Business Cards: Cleaning Companies & Home Services

By DNB @ Nov 17, 2010 in Small Businesses

Are you in the business of home or company cleaning or providing home services? For most small to medium size companies in this sector marketing is not something at the top of their list as they spend much of their time doing rather than thinking about business development. I don't want to...

Starting Up A Taxi & Minicab Business

By DNB @ Nov 5, 2010 in Self Employment Small Businesses

This blog might help anyone thinking of starting their own business as a taxi or minicab driver/owner. Definition Of A Taxi Driver A taxi driver is normally a self-employed person licensed by their local council to operate on either a Private Hire or Hackney Carriagebasis. Private Hire...

Business Stationery for Home Inspection Services

By DNB @ Oct 21, 2010 in Small Businesses

How To Get Your Professionalism Across To Your Target Audience As the winter draws ever closer people start thinking about the appliances that they will need to rely upon to help see them through the long cold months. I know from personal experience that neglecting to service such things as...

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