When it comes to marketing your business what works best for you traditional or modern?

There is no doubt we now live in an electronic age with people and businesses communicating more and more by email, Text, facebook and twitter.

We only have to look how the latest phones have developed into mini computers to witness the changes!

For many years I have earned my living within the printing industry and it is of concern to see more and more products such as brochures, forms, stationery etc that were once printed disappear into digital media format. This situation appears to have accelerated more so during the recession as "getting the message across electronically” appears to be the cheaper option although certainly not proven to be the most successful.

Could this be a permanent trend that takes over from traditional print or is the sudden increase in electronic media merely a cost effective alternative to printing that will diminish when the economy recovers, and print will once again become the No 1 choice for marketers?

As a person, passionate about print, I am encouraged when told about the hotelier who year on year sent colourful brochures to his existing customers via the traditional postal method advertising Christmas and New Year. This always resulted in a full order book for the festive season, however last year it was decided that email marketing was considerably cheaper and this was now the way forward. Unfortunately the emails didn't have the same effect and there was a noticeable downturn in business from previous years. I am please to add this business has now reverted back to the tried and tested method of traditional well designed colourful hard copy mailing.

Our Business www.betterprint.co.uk has been inundated with requests for A4 and A5 pads to be used by our customers as Christmas and New Year gifts to give to their customers. The traditional, humble pad that can be used to take orders or make notes still remains an excellent way of keeping your company name, phone, fax email and corporate identity in front of clients throughout the year.

These products can be given to your clients anytime throughout the year and are a cost effective marketing tool, which providing they are of high quality will help your business stand out from the crowd.

At Betterprint pads are available amongst a range of products that include business cards, compliment slips, letterheads and labels and although we know the modern digital age is here to stay we believe this will run alongside traditional print for many years to come…..

If you are interested in our products visit us at www.betterprint.co.uk or email me john@betterprint.co.uk  with your requirements. I am sure we can offer a great value deal.

Good Luck