Sick of being asked questions about his most famous film role, Thomas F Wilson (Biff Tannen in the Back to the Future trilogy), hands out business cards with answers to those question asked the most by inquisitive fans.

Back To The Future Fans get to discover facts such as " The Delorean was an inferior automobile" , "I made less money than you'd think" and "I don't talk about the movies much because I'm busy with standup comedy and music performances."

In return for handing out business cards, Thomas gets to save repeating himself over and over...

After seeing this card I thought to myself it's a great idea to use your business card backs to answer those general questions that your business always gets asked.

Here at Betterprint you can print whatever you want on the back of your business cards so whay not give your customers the answers to the questions they are most likely to ask. Try putting together a list of the three most asked questions by customers / clients and try to write them as concise as possible.

You'll be surprised how valuable they may prove to customers and, above all, they make a great reason for prospective clients to keep hold of you business card.