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Starting Up A Taxi & Minicab Business

By DNB @ Nov 5, 2010 in Self Employment Small Businesses

This blog might help anyone thinking of starting their own business as a taxi or minicab driver/owner. Definition Of A Taxi Driver A taxi driver is normally a self-employed person licensed by their local council to operate on either a Private Hire or Hackney Carriagebasis. Private Hire...

Betterprint's News Online World

By DNB @ Sep 30, 2010 in Online Printing

Do you place orders for print on a daily basis or are you self employed as a designer within the print industry?   Nowadays a lot of print and business card orders are placed through either an advertising agency or a print management style company. Advertising agencies will generally...

Business Networking Cards

By DNB @ Sep 29, 2010 in Networking

Last week at a breakfast networking meeting I got chatting to a financial adviser about how important networking has been for his business. Over the past ten years his business has never done any marketing they don't have a website and have grown organically by referral. They use networking...

Printing Services For The Beauty Industry

By DNB @ Sep 24, 2010 in Print Marketing

Society has evolved to become much more demanding when it comes to health and beauty, partly driven by the focus on celebrities, for many of whom image is extremely important. When you couple this with the fact that many people have far greater disposable income than in days gone by, it's easy to...

Printing Services Weather the Internet Storm

By DNB @ Sep 23, 2010 in Online Printing

My name is David Bennett and I am the founder of Betterprint's parent company. It was 24 years ago when I set out on my journey into print manufacturing. I was 20 years old, hungry for success and bursting with drive and ambition. Today that company, Poplar Services Printers Ltd., is still going...

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