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No Need To Dine Alone

By DNB @ Sep 16, 2010 in Self Employment

Turning up at a function on your own can be both uncomfortable and unpleasant. The thought of going out for dinner alone puts many off. One service that many may not of thought of is a companion service. There are many agencies who can provide you with companionship for the evening for no other...

Business Cards For Taxi Drivers

By DNB @ Sep 16, 2010 in Self Employment

I travel in many taxis and am yet to feel that they maximise on their abilities to market their businesses / services. I take my hat off to all taxi drivers and taxi business owners as without them I am unsure how the community could function as it does today. Especially the service they provide...

Print Marketing For Professional Accountants

By DNB @ Sep 15, 2010 in Print Marketing

To a lot of people, handling a business' accounts is a daunting task; it's also an element of business life that, if ignored, can land people in bad debt. It is a most important fact within business that your relationship with your accountant is a good one, as they are there to guide you, ...

Print Marketing For Driving Instructors

By DNB @ Sep 15, 2010 in Print Marketing

Like many small businesses you are going to need a lot of help and support and a good place to start is the Driving Instructors Association. This association was founded in 1978 to represent the interests of the professional driving instructor. It is regularly consulted by all the relevant...

Over 50 and Thinking of Starting A Business?

By DNB @ Sep 14, 2010 in Self Employment Small Businesses

In the next 10 years it is widely predicted more and more older people will look to embark on a new business venture rather than retire. It is almost certain that the UK Government will raise the retirement age to 66 this year and as we are all expected to live longer it is perfectly feasible for...

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