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Ensure Your Customers Return

By DNB @ Dec 1, 2010 in Home Service Providers

Business Cards For Home Service Providers: How My Leaking Washing Machine Created A Business Opportunity I arrived home last Friday night looking forward to the weekend after a particularly hard and stressful week. I walked into the kitchen to find water all over the floor, once over...

Business Cards: Grand Designs

By DNB @ Nov 30, 2010 in Design

  Business Cards: Designs That Benefit Business The online World for buying Business Cards and Matching Stationery is one of so much choice that even the most skilled internet users can fail to spot the good from the bad. To help you navigate through the endless choice I feel it is...

New Businesses: Tax Doesn't Have To Be Taxing

By DNB @ Nov 26, 2010 in Small Businesses

  Business: Understand The Laws of Taxation Do you think as a new business you need to understand the laws of taxation? Many people will say not, that's where your accountant will come in. However my feelings are the opposite: if you want to be in full control of your business it is...

Business Cards For Musicians and Bands

By DNB @ Nov 25, 2010 in Musician & Bands

  Business Cards: Musicians & Bands Whether you are a sole musician, member of a band or involved in the performing arts you should consider having professionally printed Business Cards. The humble business card has been around for some 300 years and has helped many different...

The Royal Wedding: The Impact On Your Business

By DNB @ Nov 24, 2010 in Royal Wedding

  Have You considered The Impact of The Royal Wedding on Your Business? Let me say from the beginning - I am a big supporter of the Royal Family and  how their work impacts our economy in a beneficial manner. But, as the Managing Director of a manufacturing business, and one still...

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