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Good design... Bad design

Good design bad design Having worked within a graphic studio for a number of years now far too often do I see great ideas fall at the final hurdle. At the thought stage of any proposed design the end result can end good or bad. It will certainly make a great difference if someone within...

Marketing Your Business: Looks & Feel Mean Everything

Marketing Your Business When we go out it is amazing just how many times we are marketed, whether we are sat at traffic lights or walking through a shopping mall. The differences in marketing vary for a variety of reasons. For instance, most times you walk into a supermarket there is...

Business Cards: Why Should Landscaping Companies Use Them?

By Martin @ Nov 8, 2010 in Landscape Garden Companies

The answer is simple..... Brand...! Simply by meeting with prospective clients and handing over a decent business card builds an image of your business. Most customers at this point will only have your word and literature to go off. If your material looks flimsy and cheap...

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