While we all know how important business stationery is for your business how many of us knew that the original pioneers of business letterheads, compliment slip and business stationery had an important role to play in the American Revolution?

In 1770, a pro-independence family, headed by Stephen Crane, established The Liberty Paper Mill, (no guessing which side they supported!) and began producing high quality, cotton-rich paper. Their reputation quickly grew and soon Crane paper was being used to directly support the revolutionary cause: engraved banknotes on Crane paper helped to finance the war, while revolutionary tracts and newspapers were all published on Crane sheets. By the turn of the Century Crane's paper was put to use for official documents and currency.

It was this quality that meant Crane's paper also became desired by the fashionable set in American and European Society who, with the introduction of stamps and envelopes, had become captivated by the possibilities of social stationery. Crane not only provided the paper for society but also became the go-to for the original rules of business and social engagement, publishing 'Crane's Blue Book of Stationery: The definitive guide to social and business correspondence etiquette.'

It's longer necessary to follow such rigid conventions in our choice of business stationery or style of writing; however, in a competitive commercial market it's essential that all businesses or service providers make a positive impact on potential clients.

Money and time spent on branded stationery and business cards provides a means of standing out from the competition. Good quality business stationery reassures a customer that you will offer top quality service, truly revolutionary!