Web design is born...

In years gone by businesses would be successful by creating a solution for their customers within their town or village. The philosophy is still the same today but the market to which we sell changed dramatically in 1992. This was a year not to be forgotten as in 1992 the public use of the World Wide Web was launched. Instantly businesses realised the potential and recognised the importance of having an Internet presence. Almost overnight small shops went from selling goods to their locals to the ability to sell worldwide. This was possible but only if you could embrace the technology.

Web designers are born!

These are the people that can turn a business idea and plan into a working model. The difference a quality site and a cheap site that has no appeal can be the success or failure of your business.

I am 28 years old and through my generation have seen the worldwide web born and developed to what it is today. A portal to the world. I embraced the technology through education and through graphic design. I use the Internet everyday for both work and pleasure. Up until creating and starting up my online stationery business I thought I knew a lot re. the net. What I actually knew was how to operate the net with little knowledge as to how it works.

My business is called Betterprint and can be found at www.Betterprint.co.uk .  Here you can create and personalise business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, labels and notepads. By allowing the consumer to choose a design and customise it to their requirements they can create a professional looking business image at a fraction of the traditional cost. Feel free to visit betterprint.co.uk and let me know your thoughts.

My email address is martin@betterprint.co.uk . If you email me quoting 'web design blog' I will send you a promotional voucher code worth 25% off any products purchased from Betterprint.co.uk.

A company that must not go unmentioned for their valuable support and experience is Manchester based web design and development specialist - I-COM.
Visit www.I-COM.net for more information on their services and portfolio.

Let me know your thoughts on web design and any other fabulous new sites arriving on the net.