It may sound like an obvious question! But there are more reasons than you may think.

Let me tell you my story. After changing jobs and moving house at the same time (not to be advised) to a completely different area I found I had a lot of time on my hands and very few friends in the neighbourhood, so I decided that joining a Gym would kill a few birds all at the same time. Getting fit and losing weight were bonuses. Going back 18 years ago there wasn't a lot of choice, so I decided upon a gym 10 minutes drive away which was part of the Thistle Hotel Group. Three weeks after joining I met my current partner in the Jaquzzi, which is a very good way to size whether you might fancy them or not. I tell all my single girlfriends who moan about never meeting anyone to join the Gym. It is a lot cheaper than a dating agency and you do get to have a good look before agreeing to a date, as well as getting fit into the bargain.

After 3 years there I decided to move to the Village Hotel at Warrington as by this time I had also moved house. The facilities at the Village are brilliant, there are 2 fully fitted gyms, squash and racket ball courts, slimming club, studios that run lots of different classes, personal trainers, beauty salon, walking and running clubs and lots of social events going on.

I have met a lot of people, some of who are now close friends. Going to the gym is a very important part of my life. Over the years you meet and chat to many people from all walks of life invariebly the topic of work comes up, which in my case is working for a print company in St Helens and not one to miss a chance to network I always tell people about the different types of printing we do at Popular Printing Services Ltd and also our recently launched internet stationery site which might be of interest to you. Most people these days require business cards and that is exactly what is on offer from Betterprint, ordering on the internet on a secure site, proof reading your own card and then receiving a quality product just a few days later.I am definitely going to be promoting this to the people at the Village as they are a Nationwide Company with lots of print needs, the beauty about Betterprint is it caters for both large corporate company requirements and an individual wanting just a set of Business Cards, it suits everyone.

I bet you didn't think that joining a gym would give you such a wide social life, and maybe even a business opportunity!

Let me know your reasons for joining.