How Will The WikiLeaks Change The Internet?

I think we are about to reach a defining moment on whether or not the internet is censored by our governments. If so, this will shape a different future for the internet as we know it. Will that be a good thing?

More and more of us are getting use to the fact that information can be found on just about any topic. This offers an uncensored view of factual information that is seen by the person writing or delivering the content. The current revelations on the Wikileaks site do not quite fit into the generalisation of how we receive our information. It is for that very reason speculation as to its existence is rife. I would expect at this moment Governments at senior levels are strategising on how they deal with this organisation. They are clearly willing to publish extremely sensitive information that at best is very embarrassing for us and our allies, and at worst could seriously hurt the way in which the business of Government is undertaken. The possibility of our diplomats being less than candid is a real one.

WikiLeaks: Right, or Wrong?

Whilst we may believe that we live in a free press society, it is perfectly common practice for Governments to guide our media on very sensitive issues. It is the kind of information that if published could place people's lives at risk. These are coded, understood and pretty much respected by the responsible side of the media.

In other words not everything that goes on in Government is for the general ears of the public, or our adversaries - in a way we already live with a form of censorship within our media. 

The opinion of the majority of sensible well grounded people, including myself I might add, will understand that not everything that occurs in the corridors of power should be broadcast to the wider public. Even though some of what the WikiLeaks site has published seems to be fairly innocuous remarks, it is the thin end of the wedge for ours and other Governments. This will need acting upon and a structure placed into action so they can deal with such thoughtless publications in the future.

Under Attack: The Founder of WikiLeaks

The founder of the WikiLeaks organisation is currently under attack personally from a number of areas:

Sudden revelations about his private life and business dealings have been given greater priority than would have normally been the case. The issue from one Sovereign State of extradition papers could be seen as an attempt to smear and discredit, to the point where he can no longer operate such an organisation. The difficulty as I see it is not necessarily the individual at the head of this organisation. It is simply the fact that such organisations can exist and manipulate Governments via the exposure of information that happens to fall into their laps. 

Mr Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, may or may not be a respectable gent. I don't know, so it is not proper for me to make comment or judgement. However, what I do feel I can make comment about is the existence of such an organisation, and of what benefit to our society at large this can have. Again, in plain simple English, we must censor such organisations and stop scoring own goals for the opposition of freedom and democracy. I don't think we should do it in a covert way, but rather a much more upfront way. This should state that such organisations that are willing to peddle information of this type should be prevented from broadcasting it, and serious penalties should allow our judicial system to punish anyone involved.

I would support such measures and would not see them as some infringement of my civil liberty rights - but perhaps you have a different view.

Please feel free to comment...

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