Whether you are a start up or a well established business how your customers view your image should be one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy. For small and medium size enterprises you don't have to spend a fortune in this area but you should take care in the way you present your business to your existing and potential customers. We all know first impressions count and often you only get a short amount of time to show how your goods and services can be beneficial to those potential customers you need for growth.

I am always thinking of ideas how to engage new customers and convert them into long standing relationships, but don't be fooled, the best marketing tactics in the world won't substitute a product that does not work or a service that has little value, so lets assume that you have already addressed these very important factors. How your image comes across in the literature you leave with both existing and potential customers should not be underestimated, give out leaflets on your products and services that have misspellings and poor grammar will not give the right impression, equally leaving behind a cheap and flimsy business card does not say much about your business. These products are generally what you leave behind when your sales pitch has long since faded and so a high level of importance should be placed around them.

When handing out my business cards I always like to think of doing business in Japan, the Japanese are very proud of their business cards and would never leave a cheap product as they firmly believe business cards are like an extension of themselves and would be ashamed to offer a poor quality product. Ok doing business in the UK is not quite the same as in Japan but I am sure you can understand the analogy and can see my point. Always ensure whatever you leave with your potential customers has a quality look and feel as this is a direct representation of your business. Dependant on the type of business you are in, a useful marketing product can be a printed note pad that you give away as a small and inexpensive free gift, note pads carry your name and contact details and have plenty of writing space for people to use in their day to day business lives, you'll be amazed how long this type of product will sit on someone's desk or counter just to enable them to scribble phone messages or tasks they need to complete, all the time they keep it your name is directly in front of them, reminding them every day about your products and services.

Why not try them for yourself? Just follow the simple rules on quality and consistency throughout anything you buy, this way you won't go far wrong.

 The internet has opened up a vast range of suppliers all trying to sell you their products to portray your image, to be frank my business is included in that same range, but I am confident the advice above is sound and weather you buy from my business or not sticking to those rules will definitely help your image and so in turn your business.