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How to use our Templates.

What is the difference between Ranges?

How to personalise a Product.

Sample Text.

How to use Special Characters.

Proofs & Product Options.

How to add a Back.

Lamination & Round Cornering.

What is Bleed?

How to Upload your own Image or Logo.

How to Upload your own Finished Artwork.

Shopping Basket

How to create an Account

Information held in your Account

Getting Your Order Quickly

Collecting Goods

Despatch & Delivery


Laser Guarenteed Letterheads.

Environmental & Quality Procedures.

Using a Discount or Promotional Code.

Prices & Payment.

Problem with Your Order.

Site Security.

How to use our templates

Our site is designed to be as user friendly as it can be and is split into three different catagories:

Standard Range / Deluxe Range / Custom UpLoad Range

Each range offers something different and provides our customers with one of the widest selections of online print available.

What is the difference between ranges?

All our ranges can be fully personalised online.
You can alter the font - choose from over 150 different fonts.
You can alter the font in size, colour and have them shown as normal or bold.
All products have up to 2 different fonts showing for each design.
In most cases you can alter the background colour.

Standard Range

This is our basic range and can be bought at some of the lowest prices you can find on the internet. Each product in our Standard Range has a matching set of stationery, as the name suggests this is our base range and offers fairly basic designs, never the less they are fully functional and are widely used by many of our customers.

Deluxe Range

This is the most comprehensive range of contemporary designs you will find anywhere on the internet and is categorised into Styles and Professions to help you find a design that fits with your chosen sector. Some of the designs are very specific to particular sectors but many designs are generic and will work in most sectors for most business types.

Custom Upload Range

This range offers the ability to up-load either a photo or logo directly into one of our designs and still personalise as with our two other ranges. You can also upload a complete design and we will print direct from that allowing total flexibility to our customers - see our Help section for technical details of how to use the Upload Range.

How to personalise a product

Select a design from the Range that suits you by clicking on it; this will take you into the Design Preview Page.

The layout of this page offers 20 text fields down the left hand side, you will see all the text within the design you have chosen in these fields. Next to this are your option tools: all our designs are split into Primary and Secondary text, this enables each design to have two different fonts each with the ability to resize and alter the colour. In addition to the above flexibility our designs utilise a series of different layouts and with these layouts we use the text fields in different ways creating hundreds of permutations from over a thousand designs and so offers thousands and thousands of ways to make a unique product.
In addition most cards have an option to change the background colour - this will either take the form of the whole background or a portion of the background dependant on the design you have chosen.

Key your own details into the text fields and click update to see the design personalised.

You can alter the look and feel of the layout by switching text fields, in some cases you may use other text fields to change around the layout, there are far too many of these options to explain, so, it's best to have a play around and get the feel of what the design that you like can do for you.
One example of this is by splitting the text fields for say telephone and your number you can make the word telephone appear bold and the number appear normal - reverse the use of these fields to make the word telephone appear normal and your number appear bold.

As stated above the text you have on the design is now split into Primary and Secondary sections this allows you to choose two different typefaces for each section - click on the font to see what's on offer, we have over 150 fonts to choose from, the first time you visit our site the fonts may take an extra few seconds to download but this will only happen on your first visit.
The choice of fonts are subjective and some may work better than others with certain designs, we do have a number of designs that really only function well with the font we have selected within it, these are relatively few but typically would be designs that have text sat over images that are fixed.
Most of the designs work with most of the fonts available which provides maximum flexibility for the look and feel of your chosen design.

Once you have personalised a card and updated the information the system will remember the text adjustments you have inputted. If you now want to see your details in a new design you can select from the alternatives or go back to the original Style / Profession page via your browser back key and select a new design.
When your new design pulls through to the Design Preview page your text will only update into the design when you click update, hovering over any text field will show you the previous information that was in the design.

You can now adjust the colour of both the Primary and Secondary fonts and select the colour palette and choose a colour for each section.
On most designs you can also adjust the background colour, again select the colour palette and choose a colour.
As with fonts colours are subjective and some colours will work better with some designs in the end this is down to personal preferences.
The font size adjustment will always be set at normal, you can select small or smallest or large or largest each selection will alter the font size pre set within the design by 10%. This means from what you see on screen you can adjust to 20% smaller or 20% larger.

Sample Text

The sample text that you don't key over and don't wish to print needs to be REMOVED otherwise it will show on your proof and if left will print! We have designed it in this way so where required you can use the sample text without having to make changes or double click into text boxes this comes in very handy for the use of - Tel / Mob / Fax etc.

Using Special Characters

Select the special character box to open up the available characters and drag and drop those into your design, you can do this multiple times or you can copy and paste. To copy and paste a special character highlight it using your mouse hold down the control (ctrl) button and press the letter C - move your cursor to where you want it to appear and press control (ctrl) and the letter V.
Be careful when you originally select what you want to copy as it is possible to copy a character along with a space - if this happens you can just delete the space that you do not want to appear.
If you select a design that uses a special character and you want to use the same character multiple times you can just copy and paste as described above.

Proofs & Product Options

When you are ready to select product options such as Quantities and Finishes click on Save & Continue and follow the simple instructions to proceed through the order process.
Here you will be shown a proof of the design you have chosen along with all the changes you have made - this is your final proof and you need to check it very carefully as what you see is what we will print. If you need to make any adjustments click the button to return to the Design Preview and the above process can be re-adjusted where necessary and re-saved.

How to add a Back

The next process is to add a back (business cards only) you will be offered a series of backs to choose from, even if you want it plain white you need to select a plain back. Personalising the backs works in exactly the same way as with the fronts and offers a fast and simple way to double up on your message. If you want a solid colour printing on the reverse select the back that offers this and delete all the text or you may want to just add your web site for greater impact.

Next you will need to agree with our Terms & Conditions and select CONFIRM to proceed.

Lamination & Round Cornering

We offer matt and gloss lamination to either one side or both sides of your cards, for double sided lamination select Front & Back in the product options page when you complete the Front of your cards, you can also have square or rounded corners.
Lamination is the best way to protect your cards and will enhance your cards to be the very best they can be, it also makes them more durable and is a good recommendation when having a card that has complete ink coverage.

What is Bleed?

The term bleed is widely used within the printing industry and means the area of ink printed upon the chosen material that will be trimmed off and through. In order to have ink or an image running off the edge of any printed item that image or ink must be printed at a slightly larger size and guillotined down to its finished size leaving the finished product in a state where the ink or image fits right to the edge of the material.
We use an all round bleed of 2mm, meaning any artwork supplied must be 2mm larger all round.

Shopping Basket

Once you click OK to Proceed in the Product Options page you will then be taken to your Shopping Basket, this shows all the products you have personalised and will offer you a discount on any Matching Products you may wish to purchase at this stage. You can buy a matching product by clicking on it and personalising it then follow the same procedure as described above to return back to your Shopping Basket. Once you have completed all product choices you can select the Production Speed you require and Checkout.

You will be shown your shipping costs along with a full summary of your order at the checkout and agreeing this will move you to our Secure Sage Payment page for you to enter your credit card details and complete the order.

When do I create an account?

You will be asked to create an account once you are ready to make your first purchase and have reached the shopping basket, to login you will need to provide an email address and password. If once you have created a login and password and forgotten them they can be retrieved by clicking the password link on the login page which will generate an email request for us to reset your password. Send us this request with your customer name and your username if you have it, we will generate you a new password and forward it via email. If for any reason this fails, email us at  enquiries@betterprint.co.uk giving us your details and a member of our customer services team will respond promptly.

What information will my account hold?

Your account will hold all your previous orders with a link to update and re-order.
Your account will show if your order has been delivered or is in transit or production,.
Your account holds your order history email address and password.
Your account DOES NOT hold your credit card details.

Can I get my order quickly?

In short, yes, we offer 3 different production speeds:
Standard - takes up to 5 working days and is included within the price.
Rush - takes 3 working days providing you order prior to 12.00pm and costs just £9.95 extra.
Sonic Rush - takes just 24 hours providing you order prior to 12.00pm and costs just £19.95 extra.
These production speeds will determine when we despatch your goods and are guaranteed for Mainland UK. For outside the UK Mainland we will still despatch your goods based on the production speed you have purchased but cannot guarantee the amount of days your goods will take to be delivered.

Can I collect my Goods?

Yes we are open from 6.00am to 10.00pm for collections - see our contact details for our full address. You need to notify us of your intention to collect by email at  enquiries@betterprint.co.uk stating your Order/Tracking number on the same day as you place your order. We will then advise, subject to the production speed you have chosen, the date your goods will be available to collect. There is no cost reduction for collections so you will still incur a shipping charge.

How are my goods delivered?

We use the Royal Mail and Parcelforce for the majority of our deliveries with third party carriers for some locations outside the UK. All our deliveries require a signature and so it is best to have your goods delivered to an address where someone will be available to take deliveries during normal working hours. We cannot offer specific times of deliveries. In the event you are not available when our courier service tries to deliver, a card will be left explaining how you can get your goods.
All our deliveries are fully tracked and can be identified by our customer services team by your Order/Tracking number.
We deliver anywhere in the World.
Occasionally our delivery carriers will misplace deliveries. If you have not received your goods at the end of the last working day when your goods were due to arrive (subject to the production speed you chose) then contact us via email at enquiries@betterprint.co.uk with a short note including your order number. We will promptly look into why you have not received your order and respond and if necessary reprint and resend the goods again.

How is my Postage/Shipping price calculated?

The weight and size of your parcel coupled with its destination is what determines the price you will pay. This price is shown on the product summary page towards the end of the process once we know how many items you are buying. If you want to know how much your delivery costs will be prior to ordering select the  Postage Price Calculator under the Help button and enter your requirements.

Do you print your logo on my cards?

No - absolutely not!

Will my letterheads be laser guaranteed?

The material we use is 100% laser guaranteed.

Quantities of 2000 and over are fully laser guaranteed however due to the process for smaller quantities we are unable to completely guarantee how your laser printer might affect the printed image upon the paper. In most cases there is no adverse affect at all - in fact we digitally produce all our own stationery and use general office laser printers without any adverse affects.

All letterheads are fully guaranteed for all other types of printers.

How to use a Discount or Promotional Code

As a Betterprint customer from time to time we will provide you with a discount or promotional code to gain additional discounts, this is easy to use,  just enter the code in the  Promotional Code box which can be found on the checkout page this will reduce your total invoice by the percentage that applies to that specific promotion excluding Production Speed, Shipping and VAT.
Voucher Codes are unique to individual clients and have a valid until date after which they will expire.

Prices & Payment

Our prices are shown for all products and all quantities available and all product options, they do not include VAT which will be added to your invoice at the current rate once you reach the checkout.

Carriage or Shipping will be added to your invoice, the price you pay is based on the weight and destination of your order.
All our costs are clearly shown in an itemised summary invoice prior to the payment page.

Our prices fluctuate from time to time dependant on what offers we have available so you may see price fluctuations from visit to visit.

We accept Mastercard & Switch / Maestro, Visa & Visa Electron, Delta, American Express, Solo.

We do not accept cheques, cash or postal orders.

Payments are processed at the same time you place your order ensuring payment is secured before we start production.

Problem with your Order

It is of great importance to us that our customers are entirely satisfied with the goods and service we provide. Whilst we take the utmost care and attention to carefully fulfill each order to the exact specifications, due to the nature of the manufacturing process occasionally things don't go to plan.
If you have a problem, email us first at  enquiries@betterprint.co.uk quoting your order number and explaining the problem, we may then ask for you to return a quantity of the faulty product for us to inspect, you can send these via the post and we will then respond to you in a timely and professional manner. If we agree the goods are faulty we will replace them quickly and at our total cost, we do not accept any consequential losses of any type due to faulty products or late deliveries.

Site Security

Our Payment Service Provider is Sage Pay (formerly Protx) - the largest independent payment service provider (PSP) in the UK and Ireland. Sage Pay provides a secure payment gateway (Level 1 PCI DSS), processing payments for thousands of online businesses, including ours. It is Sage Pay's utmost priority to ensure that transaction data is handled in a safe and secure way.

Sage Pay uses a range secure methods such as fraud screening, I.P address blocking and 3D secure. Once on the Sage Pay systems, all sensitive data is secured using the same internationally recognised 256-bit encryption standards.

Sage Pay is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant to the highest level and maintains regular security audits. They are also regularly audited by the banks and banking authorities to ensure that their systems are impenetrable.
Sage Pay is an active member of the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) that defines card industry global regulation.

In addition, you know that your session is in a secure encrypted environment when you see https:// in the web address, and/or when you see the locked padlock symbol alongside the URL.
So when buying through our site, you can be sure that you are completely protected.

More information about shopping securely with Sage Pay can be found at www.sagepay.com/shoppers

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