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What we are about

Betterprint work to the highest standards and have achieved ISO 9001-2 quality accreditation, ISO 14001 Environmental accreditation, ISO 12647-2 printing standard accreditation and FSC Forestry Chain Of Custody. Betterprint are committed to achieving the highest industry accreditation standards and have invested heavily in the latest hi-tech environmentally friendly printing equipment. 

The Company Environmental Policy

Betterprint acknowledge the environmental implications of its activities and will ensure that all operations are carried out in order to achieve a high standard of environmental, health and safety care.

The Directors of the Company fully recognise their duties with regard to compliance with relevant environmental legislation standards and regulations and will work towards the most effective methods, and adopt a position of responsibility by committing to a policy of continuous improvement and pollution prevention. This policy will be made available internally to our staff and externally to our suppliers and contractors. The policy is available to the public when requested. The policy will also be made available on the company's website.

The environmental impact of any awarded contracts will be fully considered as an integral part of "new business” policy.


• Provide guidance on environmental management.
• Ensure compliance with all relevant legislation, regulations and standards.
• Monitor progress on a regular basis with a view to improve environmental performance.
• Annually review our progress and monitor our achievements against set targets and objectives.
• Communicate to our staff and any contractors working on site our environmental policy and environmental procedures

Reduction in environmental impacts through improvement via:

• Waste reduction of printing wastes.
• Ensure effective segregation of all paper, plastic, metal, card and wood etc.
• Recycling initiatives.
• 100% FSC purchased paper.
• Energy and water usage.

Quality - our Mission

Betterprint believe that responsible ethical and professional business practice should be central to all our operations and day to day business activities.

Our Mission is to continue to improve our standing as a leading supplier of print by providing the highest standards in terms of quality and Customer Service with as little impact as possible to the environment.

We recognise that responsible business practice and true professionalism can help to penetrate new markets and achieve total customer confidence. Betterprint work to the highest standards and have achieved ISO 9001-2 quality accreditation, ISO 14001 Environmental accreditation, ISO 12647-2 printing standard accreditation and FSC Forestry Chain Of Custody. Betterprint are committed to achieving the highest industry accreditation standards and have invested heavily in the latest hi-tech environmentally friendly printing equipment.


Our workforce is vital to the success of our business.
We acknowledge that we all spend a great deal of our lives at work therefore our workforce should be happy and fulfilled in their working lives.
We operate a comprehensive training policy both external and internal that ensures our employees have the necessary skills to operate as part of a highly skilled team that works to the highest standards.
To encourage both team spirit and team building we provide all staff with a uniform.
All staff are issued with a works handbook that explains general employment policy.
The company believe in equal opportunities and are none-discriminative.
We aim to treat people fairly and welcome job opportunities from all sections of the community.
We encourage people to improve themselves and existing employees are considered for promotion before external advertising.
The company complies with its obligations under the disability discrimination act and disabled people are readily employed.
In circumstances where a member of staff has become disabled every effort has been made to continue their employment with additional relevant training and alternative job relocation.


Customers make pay days possible is a statement that is posted around the walls within our factory and all staff are completely customer focused.
Customer satisfaction is paramount to the success of our business and our systems are structured to provide the highest levels in terms of both quality and service.
All work is produced to ISO 9001-2 system quality, ISO 14001 Environmental System and ISO 12647-2 print quality accreditation.

Clients receive customer satisfaction questionnaires which provide us with relevant information ensuring that the highest standards are maintained.
We operate the very best in management information systems and we are able to provide our customers with any job related information that they require instantly at the push of a button.
We strive to provide our customers with the very best in terms of quality, price, speed of turnaround. The highest industry standards are applied throughout our business operations. We believe our drive for continual improvement will help us to achieve continual growth and maintain our market position as a leading supplier of print.

The Environment

Betterprint takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously and recognises that the printing industry can have a massive influence on the environment and importantly, how the World's forests are managed. The Forestry Stewardship Council is a none profit making organisation that sets standards on how the World's forests are managed and maintained. There are currently 91million hectares of forest Worldwide that are managed and certified to FSC standards. Half the World's commercial timber is needed to make paper products and the paper industry can be hugely influential. By using and specifying FSC paper our customers both large and small can be confident that they are not contributing to the damage or destruction of ancient forests or jeopardising wildlife, or the future generations of people who live in or nearby such forests.

FSC chain of custody certification tells our customers that the wood in a paper product is from a certified forest or controlled source or recycled. The chain of custody is audited by an independent FSC accredited third party at regular intervals. Every link in the supply chain from the forest to paper mill to paper merchant and then finally to us the printer, needs their own chain of custody certificate. Each certificate has a unique number and this number must appear on product labels and invoices.

Our systems are audited annually by the FSC organisation.

Our customers can benefit by our FSC accreditation by having permission to print the acronym, FSC, or tree tick-tick logo which will add value to their printed products and demonstrates their own environmental concerns are taken seriously.
Betterprint aim to be a first class supplier, employer and neighbour. We are fully committed to minimising the effect our manufacturing processes have on the environment and with this in mind we have administered and work to ISO 14001 procedures which we are fully accredited by a third party activity body.

How Betterprint Manage our Corporate Social Responsibilities 

Our Customers

By operating a highly efficient, hi-tech, safe and environmentally friendly printing operation that is supported by ISO product quality and environmental accreditation, our high standards will endeavour to protect our customer's reputation within their market place to both their clients and shareholders. We endeavour to achieve good working relationships by communicating both openly and honestly at all times.

Our Workforce

We fully understand that continuity of supply requires a motivated, contented and skilled workforce with minimum staff turnover who are used to working in a team environment. We will endeavour to provide ongoing training, fair personnel policies and excellent working conditions that contribute to a committed and conscientious workforce.

Our Suppliers

We have excellent long term relationships with our suppliers to whom we communicate our core values. We only deal with businesses who take a responsible position in terms of ethical dealings, human rights, health and safety and environmental issues.

Our Neighbours and the Wider Community

We recognise that print is a high risk source to the environment in terms of damaged forests through paper products and waste chemical pollution Betterprint are an example to both our own industry and that of other manufacturing sectors by investing and achieving FSC Chain of Custody and fully committing to ISO 14001 environmental procedures throughout our business.
Betterprint will draw on 24 successful trading years experience to continue to achieve sustainable growth and maintain our position as a leading supplier of print.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety is of paramount importance and is central to all our business operations. No employee, neighbour or the public will be exposed to unacceptable risks.
Management ensure that all employees are aware of the legal requirements of the Safety at Work act and are educated to Health and Safety procedures safe working is a condition of employment.

Health and Safety is of paramount importance to our business and comes first in all our activities.

Employees and public alike will not be exposed to unacceptable risk as a consequence of work carried out on our premises.

It is the duty of the management to make this possible by all means available and ensure that employees are aware of the legal requirements of the 'Health and Safety At Work' Act. It is important that all employees are committed to Health and Safety procedures.
Safe working is a contractual condition of working at Betterprint and is detailed in the Staff Handbook.
To facilitate the observance of this policy the following procedures apply:

All machinery will be serviced and maintained at regular intervals, under maintenance contracts where applicable.

All electrical appliances will be tested annually by competent engineers to ensure they are safe.

All machinery will be used only when the appropriate guards are in position and correctly working, at no time will machinery be used by untrained employees without supervision.

Training of employees will be documented for each individual employee and each piece of machinery with regular reviews taking place and training given where it is deemed necessary.

All hazardous substances must be stored in the metal cabinets provided, care must be taken to keep aisles between benches, desks and machines free from obstruction.

A Fire Certificate is in force in the building, the conditions of which must be followed at all times. The employees will be made aware of these conditions and escape routes will be pointed out to staff and a fire drill conducted every six months. Fire warning systems are checked weekly and documented, we operate a No Smoking policy, and paper waste is stored at least 10 meters from the building reducing fire risk.

All our procedures and operating of equipment are Risk Assessed regularly and we maintain formal documented Risk Assessments. All accidents no matter how minor are reported and documented. First Aid Kits are provided in various areas, they are regularly checked and re-stocked and we have two qualified First Aid personnel and one Appointed First Aid Person.

Ultimate responsibility for Health and Safety at Betterprint rests with Mr D Bennett Managing Director.


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